Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Choose The Right Clothing To Make A Good First Impression

Since first impressions tend to be what people remember most, it is important to make them favorable. The way a person dresses is a reflection of their personal taste and character. It may be the one thing talked about in a casual encounter or the initial remarks during an interview. Therefore, a person should take care in their appearance.Your appearance is your business card; it is what people see first and often how they will form opinions regarding you. Whether you are a business professional or a soccer mom you will constantly be judged through first impressions. Even when you do not think your appearance is going to be important you should still take a moment to make sure you are putting forth the first impression that you want others to see.Style may be a matter of personal preference, but others do make assumptions by the style a person chooses. If a person takes care in choosing their clothing, it is noticed. Others may receive more attention when they dress well. Neglect your attire and much may be lost. Your style is a way of showing the world who you are take advantage of this opportunity.
One should always dress age appropriately to insure a positive first impression. Also consider your natural look and what feels comfortable on you. Dress in tune with your own body and you will feel and look more confident. It is important to:
Avoid clothing that is typically older or younger than your age group.
Dress properly for the occasion; try not to over or under dress.
Take care of your personal hygiene needs.
A person needs to care for their hair and makeup needs along with their dressing needs. Keep in mind that having disheveled hair on a person with beautiful clothing will still leave a bad impression. Take pride in your appearance and others will notice your efforts. Try to:
Keep hair clean and trimmed.
Brush and style hair
If wearing a wig, make sure the wig fits properly.
When using makeup, less is better.
A bit of color is ok but a lot of color is usually inappropriate.
Regardless of personal looks, if you care for yourself by dressing well and proper grooming, your attire will always help you make a great first impression. Dressing with style and class is not about spending hundreds of dollars on your wardrobe, it is more about just putting the time and effort into your outside appearance. But, you don't need to be a supermodel to make a lasting impression!


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